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Even though 2014 is not a Presidential Election year, there are many important races throughout Northeast Ohio and across the state. The WKSU newsroom will offer in-depth coverage of the races and issues that affect the region.

Tuesday night, starting at 8, join WKSU and NPR for a look at the results of the election in Ohio and nationwide. From the U.S. Senate, to the Ohio governor’s race to local bills of rights, we’ll have results and analysis on air, on the Web and via Facebook and Twitter.

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Former governor could have saved Ohio Democrats in the last election
Outgoing Ohio Democratic Party chief believes Ted Strickland could have stopped the Republicans sweep

Outgoing Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern says he believes former Gov. Ted Strickland could have prevented the Republican wave in November that resulted in a sweep of alll statewide offices.
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Comparing Kasich and Portman and the national presidential field
'Crystal Ball's' Kyle Kondik talks about style and substance of the potential presidential candidates

Gov. John Kasich was a dominant presence last week at the Republican Governors Association conference, especially at some of the sessions seen by pundits as a very early, very dry run at the Republican primary.  WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with the managing editor of the political blog, Crystal Ball, about the style and presidential potential of Kasich and of another Ohio pol: Senator Rob Portman – and comparing them to the national field.
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Ohio remains overwhelmingly red following Tuesday's election
GOP sweeps statewide, in Congress and in the Legislature

The results of Tuesday’s election in Ohio for the most part translate into more of the same. Gov. John Kasich and the other six statewide incumbents – all Republicans – won. So did all 16 incumbent members of Ohio’s congressional delegation. And nothing changes in the Statehouse. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze spoke with the University of Akron Bliss Institute’s Dave Cohen about the messages from voters and what that bodes for 2016 and beyond
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Ohio voters deliver mixed results for fracking bans
Environmental risk versus economic value seem to be voter concerns

There were four anti-fracking measures on ballots in eastern Ohio. WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports on how they fared with voters.
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GOP wins even bigger in the Ohio Statehouse
Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern is among those voters threw out

There were no surprises in the statewide races. But as Ohio Public Radio’s Karen Kasler reports, there were some shockers in the Statehouse races – including a major upset.  
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Ohio Republicans take aim at 2016; Democrats say it just wasn't their year
By the end of the night, there was talk of Gov. Kasich on the presidential stage and the Democratic party chairman resigned

It was a big night for Republicans as the party swept all the statewide races. And the margins provide momentum for Gov. John Kasich’s second term. Meanwhile Democrats find themselves in a big state of unrest. Statehouse correspondents Andy Chow and Jo Ingles report on the election results from the perspectives of both parties. Andy reports first, from the Republican celebration.  
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2014 tallied Ohio's third lowest turnout in the last 15 elections
Nearly one million fewer voters turned out than in 2006 election.

The 2014 election didn’t generate much excitement in Ohio. But Statehouse correspondent Karen Kasler says history was made, not by the campaigns, but in key Election Day numbers.
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Leader of Ohio's Democratic Party resigns
Chris Redfern announces he's stepping down after Democrats lose all statewide races in this week's elections.

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern says he will step down from that position in mid-December. This has been a tough election for him as his statewide candidates lost every office. He blames the media for not asking tough questions about what Gov. Kasich has or hasn’t done during his first term in office.
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Old money wins; new money loses when it comes to voters and Ohio schools
But there are significant exceptions and the answers can lie in everything from campaigns to karma

School tax renewals on ballots in Ohio this week passed overwhelmingly. Additional levies, bond issues and the like largely failed. Voters did what they usually do, and said no to two-thirds of them. Many of the districts that lost Tuesday are already gearing up campaigns for another try. As WKSU’s M.L. Schultze reports, a consultant who works with schools on such campaigns says they all need to be aware that most people simply don’t like paying taxes.
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Ohio voters' read on party labels and identity
National politics is on local voters' minds, too

More than 800,000 Ohioans have voted early. And turn-out this Election Day at polling places in Northeast Ohio has been mixed. Those who are voting have been citing a mix of state and local races and issues – from the governor’s race to local school levies – as reasons for turning out. Some also cited the national battle between Democrats and Republicans for control of the Senate – even though Ohio has no such race this year. The national parties played big – and in opposite ways – for two Northeast Ohio voters—Butch Pursley of Green and Thomas Alford of Akron.
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Republicans sweep all seven statewide races
Republicans also maintain huge majority in Ohio's House and Senate

Republican incumbents swept all seven statewide races led by Gov. John Kasich, who trounced Democrat Ed FitzGerald by a margin of about 2 to 1. Kasich says this big win is telling of the public’s view of Republicans.
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Why does purple Ohio's congressional delegation look so red?
To understand the 2014 congressional races, take a look at 2010

Four years ago, Ohio’s political math changed dramatically. Everything shifted the Republicans’ way – including Ohio’s congressional delegation. Thanks in part to what happened back in 2010, no such sea change is likely this year. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more on why purple Ohio looks so red when it comes to Washington.
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Groups file a second complaint in federal court against voting laws
Attorney says the law gives too much authority to poll workers 

An attorney for groups representing homeless people has filed a second supplemental complaint against the state in the pending federal court case over new voting laws. Cleveland-area attorney Subodh Chandra says the new laws give too much authority to poll workers to determine which ballots are valid. And he says that could lead to disenfranchising many poor, minority voters.
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Despite lack of competition, election ads in Ohio are plentiful
University of Cincinnati professor David Niven says he believes the money is spent to keep voters aware

Polls and pundits have predicted a bad year for Democrats and big wins for Republicans in Ohio next Tuesday. Overall, campaign spending on commercial radio and TV is way down in Ohio. But there are still a lot of political ads on the air – including from candidates who are expected to win by big margins. University of Cincinnati political science professor David Niven says he thinks there’s a simple reason.
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Millennials play role in Ohio policy but not necessarily in its politics
The millennial generation is now the largest demographic in the United States

Around the state, on the campaign trail and through the halls of the Statehouse -- young Ohioans are playing a major role in their communities. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow takes a look at the possible impact of millennials on the results.
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Seven seats are up for election this year on the Ohio Board of Education
While races are less publicized, the elections have real implications for education in the state

If you are following politics this year, you probably know most of the candidates on the ballot for statewide offices, your congressional district, and maybe a few local seats. But do you know who is running for state school board? Candidates in seven board districts are vying for votes this election for a board that exerts considerable influence over education policy.
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