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Ohio voters' read on party labels and identity
National politics is on local voters' minds, too
This story is part of a special series.

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M.L. Schultze
Voting continues until 7:30 tonight.
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More than 800,000 Ohioans have voted early. And turn-out this Election Day at polling places in Northeast Ohio has been mixed.

Those who are voting have been citing a mix of state and local races and issues – from the governor’s race to local school levies – as reasons for turning out. Some also cited the national battle between Democrats and Republicans for control of the Senate – even though Ohio has no such race this year.

The national parties played big – and in opposite ways – for two Northeast Ohio voters—Butch Pursley of Green and Thomas Alford of Akron.

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Pursley: "I am totally and completely opposed to the stand of the Democratic Party on all the social issues. They don't value life, they stand against all traditional values, so I'm totally against their agenda."

Alford: "Well the women's issues for one, and how the Republicans have  tried to stop the vote and some of their resistance to to increasing the minimum wage. I just agree more so with the Democratic policy because I think it's more beneficial to the general public."

Polls remain open until 7:30 tonight.
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