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Leader of Ohio's Democratic Party resigns
Chris Redfern announces he's stepping down after Democrats lose all statewide races in this week's elections.
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Jo Ingles
Ohio Democratic Party chairman Chris Redfern on election night
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Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern says he will step down from that position in mid-December. This has been a tough election for him as his statewide candidates lost every office. He blames the media for not asking tough questions about what Gov. Kasich has or hasn’t done during his first term in office.

Chris Redfern says media wasn't tough enough on Governor Kasich

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“Firefighters in this state, teachers in this state, police officers in this state, the workers of Ormet in this state expect the same kind of attention paid to John Kasich’s miserable record that you all have paid to Ed FitzGerald’s driving license. We ought to be ashamed of this cycle.”

Redfern also blames certain media outlets for trying to promote their owner’s political agendas. He says there are only a few media operations that he can trust.

There’s no word on who might replace Redfern as chairman.

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