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Former governor could have saved Ohio Democrats in the last election
Outgoing Ohio Democratic Party chief believes Ted Strickland could have stopped the Republicans sweep
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Jo Ingles
outgoing ODP chair Chris Redfern
Courtesy of Andy Chow
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Outgoing Ohio Democratic Party Chair Chris Redfern says he believes former Gov. Ted Strickland could have prevented the Republican wave in November that resulted in a sweep of alll statewide offices.

Chris Redfern on how former Governor Strickland could have helped the Democratic ticket

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“I think it would have been obviously closer, which means if Ted had not won, somebody down ticket could have. Connie Pillich is an example. I think Nina, David, Connie, John these are great candidates down ticket.”

He was referring to Nine Turner, David Pepper, Pillich and John Patrick Carney, all of whom lost their challenges for statewide office. 

Redfern says he didn’t know Ed FitzGerald well but was impressed by his resume. FitzGerald, Cuyahoga County executive and former FBI agent, ran against Gov. John Kasich and lost by more than 30 points in November.

FitzGerald was outspent by a wide margin and became bogged down with controversy after news emerged that he had been driving without a driver’s license for most of a decade.

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