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Even though 2014 is not a Presidential Election year, there are many important races throughout Northeast Ohio and across the state. The WKSU newsroom will offer in-depth coverage of the races and issues that affect the region.

Tuesday night, starting at 8, join WKSU and NPR for a look at the results of the election in Ohio and nationwide. From the U.S. Senate, to the Ohio governor’s race to local bills of rights, we’ll have results and analysis on air, on the Web and via Facebook and Twitter.

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What the U.S. Supreme Court ruling means for early voting
Head of the Association of Election Officials plays down the difficulties

Early voting that was set to begin Tuesday 9-30-14 won’t happen after all. The U.S. Supreme Court has put a hold on the in person, early voting in the buckeye state. The ruling will remain in effect until the court acts on an appeal by state officials. And since that appeal has not yet formally been filed, it means the Golden week, when Ohioans can both register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time, will not be allowed. This ruling also puts some weekend and evening voting hours in jeopardy. What does this mean for local boards of elections that were set to begin voting Tuesday? In an interview with Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles, Aaron Ockerman with the Ohio Association of Election officials says it’s not a big problem for them to put the election on hold at last minute.
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U.S. Supreme Court puts hold on earlier early voting
5-4 votes knocks out 'Golden Week' a day before early voting was set to get underway

A divided Supreme Court has put off the start of early voting in Ohio.  It had been set to begin Tuesday.  WKSU’s Andrew Meyer has more.
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Christie campaigns for Kasich in NEO
The rally involved two Republican governors who could face off against each other for the next presidential nomination of the their party

For Governor John Kasich’s re-election campaign, the rally Monday in Independence was to be a “get out the vote effort” coinciding with the start of early balloting in Ohio.  The voting was delayed by the U.S. Supreme Court.  But the rally’s headliner, New Jersey  governor Chris Christie still joined his long-time friend and ally to fire up supporters.  WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports.
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Head of Ohio Dems says Kasich administration is lying about Suarez contacts
Chris Redfern says the governor's counsel was told to to claim he acted alone when he interceded in a case involving a top GOP donor

The head of Ohio’s Democratic Party says the administration of Gov. Kasich is lying about its involvement with a case against a North Canton millionaire.  It has to do with consumer protection complaints filed in California three years ago against Ben Suarez, a direct marketer and major GOP donor.

At the time, Kasich’s chief legal counsel, Michael Grodhaus, wrote California’s attorney general asking her to review the case to ensure county D.A.’s were acting properly. When questions arose about connections between the letter and political contributions from Suarez employees, the governor's spokesperson said the lawyer had acted on his own.  Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern now says Grodhaus was directed by either the governor or his chief of staff to write an email claiming he acted alone.
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Conservatives push for stalled Ohio photo voter I.D. bill
A group of conservative Ohio lawmakers says it's time for action

A group of conservative Ohio lawmakers says it’s time the Legislature votes on a bill that would require voters to show a valid photo I.D.  They have the backing of the Ohio Christian Alliance,

The Alliance’s Chris Long says the measure is needed even though Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says there were hardly any voter fraud cases in the last presidential election.
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