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Early industrial valley lives again along towpath


Daniel Hockensmith
Akron's Cascade Valley is the subject of a new book about the beginnings of the city as an industrial hub.
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Author Jack Gieck also produced "Dig," a 2005 video about efforts to uncover the past in the Cascade Locks area.
The Akron Steam Heating Co., plant was torn down in 2005. Its ruins overlook the latest section of the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail.
Ace Rubber occupies the site of the Aetna Mills, which used the Cascade Race for water power. A portion of the underground tunnel that contained the fast-flowing stream is nearby.
A train trestle runs over the valley near the site of Schumacher's Mill.
The Mustill Store is an important stop at Lock 15 on the canal.
Across from the store is artist P.R. Miller's collection of artifacts salvaged from dumps.
Virginia Wojno-Forney started the Cascade Locks Park Association in 1989.
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