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Radio museum celebrates voices of the past
The nearly empty Colonial Arcade in downtown Cleveland has had a baseball museum for nine years. In June, a collection of Northeast Ohio radio memorabilia was installed in its lower level.

Vivian Goodman
Nostalgia can be powerful, whether it's for ball players you used to root for or deejays you used to listen to. In downtown Cleveland, there's a way to revisit fields of dreams and hear those voices that won't fade from memory. It's the Baseball Heritage and Broadcast Museum:
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This United Press International wire machine is no longer operational but still makes a familiar sound. Most stations used the wire service machine sound in the background of newscasts.
Bud Ford finds his own photo in the display about the show he produced on WTAM in the 1950's, "The Morning Bandwagon".
A mannequin takes a meter reading on outdated equipment.
The baseball broadcast booth at the museum with its antiques.
A mannequin listens intently. Most stations no longer use the reel-to-reel machines of old.
Veteran Cleveland-area radio personalities Ed Richards, Bud Ford and Ted Alexander. Richards, former WGAR newsman brought his two sons to visit the museum.
Ed Richards pretending to do a newscast.
Ed Richards publicity photo looks like Will Ferrell.
The vintage radio at the top of the staircase that leads to the radio museum.
Archivist Jim Davison and his colleague Scott Marshall relax in the museum's listening room.
This is one of the electrical transcription discs WTAM would make to playback programs in the 1950s,  including weekly broadcasts of the Cleveland Orchestra
Turntables that can play 16?? transcription discs.
The entrance to the museum?s impressive collection.
From the outside, the Baseball Heritage and Broadcast Museum looks more like a baseball museum. The radio exhibits are on the lower level.
Baseball and Broadcast Heritage Museum Colonial Marketplace Arcade, 530 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 Museum hours: Monday-Friday, 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. More information: BOB AT 216-978-5068 or JIM AT 216-832-9564

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