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'Molecules That Matter' opens at the College of Wooster
Science as art and commentary

Reporter / Host
Jeff St. Clair
Buckyball molecule
Courtesy of St.Clair, WKSU
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From DDT to Prozac, a new exhibition at the College of Wooster chronicles the 20th century one chemical at a time. 'Molecules That Matter' pairs 10 chemicals with modern works of art and cultural artifacts to help us understand the science that shapes our lives.
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'New Figuration' by Tony Cragg, Plastic wall construction, 1987
Early Aspirin ads
Isooctane molecule, and Pegasus, Mobile gas station sign, 1935
'Beacon' by Frank Moore, 2001;  Penicillin G molecule
Polyethylene molecule, Pink Flamingos, Union Products; early Tupperware
Nylon stockings
'Anger, Gluttony, and Sloth' from the Seven Deadly Sins series, Lab mice in pink marble by Brian Crockett, 2001
Progestin molecule, the active ingredient in "The Pill"
DDT molecule
DDT based insecticides for home use, 1950's
Prozac molecule, and advertisements
Kitty McManus Zurko, Director, College of Wooster Art Museum, Curator of 'Molecules That Matter'
10 Molecules That Matter: 1900 : Aspirin 1910 : Isooctane 1920 : Penicillin G 1930 : Polyethylene 1940 : Nylon 6,6 1950 : DNA 1960 : Progestin 1970 : DDT 1980 : Prozac 1990 : Buckyball & Carbon Nanotubes

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