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Science and Technology

How chemists helped win the war
From rubber to polymers a tradition lives on in Akron

Reporter / Host
Jeff St. Clair
Former Firestone chemist and Rubber Division Chairman and historian Ben Kastein and his wife Helen;
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Without them, America and the Allies could not have won the Second World War. A group of Akron chemists developed synthetic rubber in the 1940's, one of their biggest, but not only contribution to society. Their largely unsung history is kept alive through hundreds of hours of audio recordings at the University of Akron. The Rubber Tapes bring to life the stories of the scientists, engineers, and industry leaders who helped make Akron the world's rubber capital.


Also below you'll find an extended excerpt from an interview with E.J. Thomas from the Rubber Division archives. Used with permission, 2009.

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Extended excerpt of 1969 E.J. Thomas interview

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Organic chemical structures line the floor of the John S. Knight Center in Akron
Author of Rubber Mirror, Hank Inman and his wife Karen at the 2009 Rubber Division Gala
Officers of the Rubber Division at the 2009 gala

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