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Akron advertises for a quarterback
Injuries have plagued UA's football team this year, forcing coaches to advertise for a QB in the student newspaper

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M.L. Schultze
University of Akron football coach J.D. Brookhart talks about the struggle of another loss
Courtesy of M.L. Schultze
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The University of Akron is no football powerhouse. But it has produced a few players who have gone into the NFL. And this year, it can even boast a new, $61 million stadium to replace the Depression-era Rubber Bowl. Yet getting through this season may come down to a hundred-dollar help-wanted ad in the student newspaper.
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Mark Malachin, an accounting major and scout squad quarterback. Malachin answered a help-wanted ad to join the team, and hopes he'll have a chance to walk on next year
Injuries have decimated the University of Akron football team, expecially its quarterback corps. That led the coach to put an ad in the student newspaper for a back-up to the back-ups.
An indoor practice facility that's part of the $61 million football complex University of Akron built. Fourteen season ending injuries have cut hope for a strong inaugural season
Gary Pride says there's pride in knowing the team hasn't given up despite a long list of season-ending injuries.
A meeting after scout squad quarterback Mark Malachin's first game. The team recruited Malachin through an ad in the campus newspaper after injuries and a dismissal decimated the team's roster.
Winning the wheel. A point of pride, and a mural in the Akron football facility, is winning the wagon wheel in the competition between Akron and Kent State. (After this story ran, Akron defeated Kent State for its second win of the season)
A steep climb for a team that started the season with high hopes, but ended up starting a fourth-string quarterback.
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