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A Cleveland Heights historian and holocaust survivor remembers Rudolf Kasztner, the man who saved her from the death camps and was assassinated in Israel in 1957 after being accused of collaborating with the Nazis
The documentary film "Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis" opens this week in Northeast Ohio

Vivian Goodman
Reszo Kasztner is shown here in a radio studio in Israel. Kasztner filed an unsuccessful libel suit against the Israeli man who accused him of having collaborated with the Nazis.
Courtesy of The Kasztner Family
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Capping a week of remembrance of the Nazi terror , the documentary, "Killing Kasztner" opens April 16th in Cleveland Heights. It tells the story of a rescuer who was both revered as a hero and reviled as a collaborator. It has special significance for one holocaust survivor who now lives in that suburb.
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Dr. Anna Halberstam Rubin and her grandfather escaped the Nazis thanks to Rudolf Kasztner. The rest of her family died in the holocaust.
Zev Eckstein, Kasztner's assassin, at his murder trial

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