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Lordstown rolls out Cruze
Little car is big product for post-bailout GM

Web Editor
M.L. Schultze
The Boardman High School marching band and majorettes help GM celebrate the new Chevy Cruze in Lordstown.
Courtesy of Jeff St.Clair, WKSU
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The coming of the Chevy Cruze hasn't exactly been a secret. For about two years, GM's been touting it as the best hope for the carmaker's future in America. And each announcement--from the 350 million investment in the Lordstown plant to recalling the third shift at that plant--has been surrounded by plenty of hoopla.

But, as WKSU's M.L. Schultze reports, nothing has come close to the fanfare that greeted the official rollout at Lordstown Wednesday.

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Rep. Tim Ryan claims part of the credit for keeping Lordstown afloat after GM declared bankruptcy last year.
Rep. Tim Ryan (left) and Lordstown plant manager Bob Parcell with the Phantom.
Lordstown shop steward Ben Strickland addresses the crowd with area Chevy dealers behind him.
Senator Sherrod Brown addresses the crowd at Lordstown.
Sen. Sherrod Brown says increased manufacturing is needed to bring America out of recession.
A media blitz greeted the debut of the Chevy Cruze at Lordstown.
Mark Reuss, head of GM North America, introduces the new Chevy Cruze in Lordstown.  The company is pinning its hopes on the success of the model.
The sprawling plant was chosen by GM to assemble the car the company hopes will lead to a resurgance after coming out of bankruptcy.
GM Lordstown Assembly HQ.
The Lordstown honor guard prepares to march past the podium for the Pledge of Allegiance.
Gov. Ted Strickland attacks the policies of opponents.  He faces a tough challenge from Republican John Kasich this fall.
GM worker Dusty Breislin assembles doors for the Cruze.  He says one year ago he was facing layoffs before the GM bailout.
Flags were flying at the Lordstown Assembly Plant on the first day of the Cruze roll out.
Gov. Strickland and GM's Mark Reuss hand over the big-key to the first Cruze sold in America.
Area Chevy dealers were on hand to celebrate the Cruze.  They joined the crowd in watching a promotional video on the big screen featuring Ohio State coach Jim Tressel.
Head of GM North America Mark Reuss and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland deliver the key to the first Chevy Cruze off the Lordstown line.
GM North American head Mark Reuss and Gov. Ted Strickland arrive at the Lordstown plant in a new Chevy Cruze.
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