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Cleveland means music and baseball for Koreans
Cleveland's Shin-Soo Choo hero in Native South Korea

Vivian Goodman
Franz Welser Most led the Cleveland Orchestra in music by Debussy, Takemitsu and Bruckner Wednesday, November 17the at Tokyo's Suntory Hall.
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The Cleveland Orchestra wrapped up its two week tour to Japan and Korea over the weekend.  WKSU's Vivian Goodman reports on a cultural exchange that drew attention to northeast Ohio from fans of classical music and major league baseball alike:

Vivian Goodman on music and baseball

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The performance of Bruckner's Symphony No. 7 Wednesday night at Tokyo's Suntory Hall received so much applause that Franz Welser Most had to return to the stage after the musicians had left to take one final bow.
The Cleveland Orchestra stayed at the Coex International, Seoul for the final weekend of its Asian tour.
Cleveland Orchestra hornist Jesse McCormick gave a master class Saturday for  horn students at the Korean University of Art in Seoul.
The indoor mall in the basement of the Coex International Hotel provided more amusement than the orchestra members had time for, including shops, restuarants, a movie theater, bowling alley and aquarium.
The Goyang Arum Nuri Arts Center where the Cleveland Orchestra performed on Saturday night opened just four years ago.
Vivian Goodman speaks with an audience member.  The Cleveland Orchestra performed Mozart, Debussy, and Beethoven Saturday night at the Goyang Arum Nuri  Arts  Center in Goyang, South Korea.
An informal survey in Seoul finds Cleveland Indians slugger Shin Soo Choo is Korea's favorite baseball player
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