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Ryan opposes Kasich's plan to lease toll road
Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan argues that privatization could lead to poor maintanence and higher tolls

Alison Ritchie

Ohio Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan is opposing Governor Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Turnpike. Ryan says it would likely lead to higher tolls and poor road maintenance. But Kasich argues that a lease would bring in more than $2 billion that the state needs for other projects.

At a press conference today, Ryan said a foreign company leasing the turnpike would only be looking out for a profit and not the best interests of Ohioans.

Ryan explains his opposition to leasing the toll road

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“The road probably won’t get taken care of," Ryan says. "And I feel like that’s really a tax on business, as we’re trying to develop and make Ohio competitive. If you say, ‘Hey, if you’re using the turnpike, at the end of the day, you’re going to be paying double the tolls.’ That’s really an anti-business move quite frankly.”

Ryan says Ohio should not follow Indiana’s lead. It leased its toll road in 2006 to a Spanish-Australian company. He says Indiana has seen the cost of tolls nearly double.

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