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Teach for America could bring up to 100 teachers to Ohio by fall
Grants from Cleveland-area foundations will support Teach for America's work

Molly Bloom

This fall, as many as one hundred Teach for America members could be working in Ohio schools. Teach for America places recent college graduates, many from elite colleges, into high-poverty classrooms across America.


Mike Wang leads Teach for America’s efforts to expand into northeast Ohio. He says his focus now is on identifying school districts and charter schools in the Cleveland and Cincinnati areas that could hire Teacher for America’s people. A $2 million grant from several Cleveland foundations is helping them get underway.

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“For us to expand into a new region really three things have to be true. One, we need a pathway to ensure that our teachers are certified. Two, we need to ensure that we have placements for those teachers with partner school districts and charter schools. And three, we have to raise the operating costs of the program. What these investments do is really move us a big step forward," Wang said.

 He says the group expects to have potential districts nailed down by early March.

 Governor John Kasich has been a fan of Teacher for America. But the research on how Teacher for America participants compare graduates from traditional teacher preparation program is mixed. For more, visit our partners StateImpact Ohio.

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