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Young Clevelanders visit the classical music Mecca
Sightseeing amid performances on the youth orchestra's first international tour
This story is part of a special series.

Vivian Goodman
The students enjoyed the gorgeous surroundings at the 13th century Minoritenkirche and learned a lot about how to adjust to the acoustics of a new venue.
Courtesy of Vivian Goodman
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The Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra's first international tour has included well-received performances in Prague and Vienna. But the kids are also coping with record heat and other tour challenges.

Today, all they had on their agenda was sightseeing.  WKSU's Vivian Goodman has this report on their visit to the Mecca of classical music: Vienna’s Musikverein.


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Franz Welser-Most was in the audience for COYO's performance at Vienna's Minoritenkirche.
The students started each day of the tour with a hearty breakfast. They took most of their meals together.
Tour buses brought them to the shrine of classical music, Vienna's Musikverein.
Leaving the hotel in Vienna for the next stop, Salzburg.

Many Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra alumni have gone on to professional careers, including Alisa Weilerstein, a recent winner of the MacArthur Award.


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