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Ohio slowly bridging digital divide of internet access
58 percent of Ohioans in rural areas have broadband, compared to 66 percent of homeowners statewide

A statewide survey shows that 82 percent of Ohioans have internet access either at home or somewhere near them—that’s almost twice the national average. Just 44 percent of Americans have internet access, according to the 2010 U.S. Census. Amanda Murphy is the public relations specialist with Connect Ohio, the organization that conducted the survey of 1,000 households in each of the state’s 88 counties. Murphy says Ohio’s large metro areas provide access to many residents, a crucial factor in building local economies.
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“Having high speed internet access helps business grow, and be stronger, earn more money," Murphy says. "It helps individuals submit resumes online, to be able to find jobs. And in order for Ohio to continue to succeed, Ohioans need to have access.”

But Connect Ohio also found that only 58 percent of rural Ohioans had home internet access in 2011. 77,000 homes in Appalachian region still lack internet access, but Murphy says Ohio is “very close” to bridging the digital divide. New initiatives have helped bring internet to 23,000 Appalachian households this past year.

Connect Ohio’s 2012 survey results are expected this fall. View your county's access map in the archives.

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