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Guitars and tech meet at Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland
Two Northeast Ohio companies, one making custom guitars and one making off-beat effects pedals, turn up the volume at the 10th festival

Kabir Bhatia
Ryan Schoeneman (left), Matthew McIntosh and Niki Darling from Feather Bottom Guitars show off one of their custom, CNC-router-made designs, which they've dubbed "The 8-Bit-Caster"
Courtesy of K. Bhatia
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Cleveland’s 10th Ingenuity Fest showcased the region’s art and innovation over the weekend, and one startup is finding a way to marry the two together.

Feather Bottom Guitars debuted at this year’s fest, with a computer program that lets clients custom-design a guitar, then have it made in Parma in about a week. Co-owner Ryan Schoeneman helped design the software.
Guitars and tech meet at Ingenuity Fest in Cleveland

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“Micro-manufacturing and other machinery that allows us to build these with CNC routers is definitely the wave of the future, I would say. Mass customization is something that’s really taking over the nation. A lot of consumers are looking for something that’s their own, and for the first time we can actually do that.”
Schoeneman says the combination of manufacturing tech and artistic design is something Northeast Ohio is rediscovering through events like Ingenuity Fest.
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