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University of Akron may be the first in Ohio to break down student fees
The move comes in response to student leaders asking for more information about athletics spending

Lyndsey Schley
University of Akron President Scott Scarborough says the school will work with student leaders to make athletics spending more transparent.
Courtesy of University of Akron
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The University of Akron will be working with student leaders to make fees more transparent when it comes to spending on athletics.

President Scott Scarborough says it will likely be the first university in the state to provide this information. He says this move reflects a national trend of students working to hold universities more accountable.


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“Financial times are tough for students and so they’re just wanting to make sure they’re comfortable with how their tuition dollars and their student fees are being distributed," Scarborough says. "So I think it’s just arming them with the information so they can feel good about the investment they’re making into higher education.”

Scarborough says the university uses about $400 out of a $428 general fee for athletics. Students are charged this fee once a semester.

Scarborough says Akron is working with students to find the best way to make this information available and is considering posting a breakdown on a website or students’ bills.

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