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Will Ohio be sending its natural gas overseas?
A bi-partisan group in Congress is pushing to loosen restrictions on liquified natural gas exports; others are battling the move 

Tim Rudell
If rules change, Ohio's liquefied natural gas could be shipped to Europe and Asia in tankers.
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National energy policies are expected to be significant of President Barack Obama’s State of the Union message tonight. And, that could be significant for northeast Ohio. 

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A part of U.S. energy policy restricts exports of liquefied natural gas — LNG. Were it to change, Pier 48.  Intermodal facility on the Ohio River at Wellsvillegas from Ohio’s Utica Shale could be shipped to European and Asian countries clamoring for it. And ways to get it there by water are there. 

Intermodal facilities are in place on the Ohio River for LNG to go via the Gulf to the Panama Canal. And the St. Lawrence Seaway is the link to Europe. 

Former Northeast Ohio Congresswoman Betty Sutton is the seaway administrator. 

“Discussions with policy makers who will set those parameters, as well as out there in the business world, will definitely be on-going because there are obvious opportunities for energy development in Ohio.“

President Obama will be talking energy again this weekend. He’s visting India and gaining access to American LNG is reportedly Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s top priority.

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