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Is Ohio's Utica shale play going bust or just hitting a lull?
Drillling activity in the Utica Shale deposits of eastern Ohio is decreasing, rapidly

Tim Rudell
Drilling rig operations in Carroll County
Courtesy of WKSU file photo
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World oil and gas prices are at historic lows. Ohio’s drilling boom is faltering --some big energy companies are cutting investments in the Utica shale play by as much as 40 percent.  But, an international energy and environmental economist says there is no bust coming.  WKSU’s Tim Rudell reports.

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Alan Krupnick is a Senior Fellow at Resources for the Future, a leading Washington, D.C. research center on energy, environmental and other issues since the Truman Administration.  

Fits and starts
He says the Utica play, like nearly all emerging enterprises, will have ups and downs, but its economic drivers for the long-term are strong in many sectors such as in the area of spurring direct foreign investment in the U.S.

“Companies, let’s say, in Europe, trying to decide where their new plants should be are starting to locate in the United States because our natural gas is a lot cheaper. And it’s also a lot more stable, given the problems Europe has in keeping its supplies from Russia."

Looking ahead
Krupnick says research shows natural gas demand increasing in general for decades. For everything from domestic electric utilities converting from coal, to exports for vast and rapidly expanding economies like those of India and China.

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