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NE Ohio cities must rely on temporary pothole fixes for a few more weeks
Road crews keep applying "cold mix" asphalt until other options take hold

Cold mix asphalt is used to temporarily fix potholes in the winter and spring months. Hot mix asphalt is used as a more permanent solution once it is produced in mid-spring.
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This winter’s brutal snow and ice has created lots of potholes in Northeast Ohio.

Like many cities in the region, the City of Canton is using a cold mix of asphalt to fill potholes.

Superintendent of Streets Michael Rorar says the cold mix is only a temporary fix.

LISTEN: Rorar on repairing potholes in Canton

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“It’s only to hold that for X amount of time and eventually it will come out on its own," said Rorar. "And depending on the severity of the weather, if you got a lot of rain coming, that will wash that cold mix right outta’ there. However, that’s the only real solution you have right now.”

Asphalt companies won’t begin to start making the warm mix of asphalt until the early part of April. Warm mix asphalt bonds to streets much better than cold mix.

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