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Ohio Gov. Kasich talks death penalty on NBC's "Meet the Press"
The Ohio Republican still supports the death penalty in Ohio, despite a scarcity of drugs and other state bans

Karen Kasler
Gov. John Kasich appeared on NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday May 31, 2015.
Courtesy of Screenshot of NBC's Meet the Press
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Gov. John Kasich made a second appearance this year on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Sunday, saying once again he is close to making a decision about running for president in 2016.
The governor also talked about the death penalty and whether or not Ohio should keep it. For Ohio Public Radio, Karen Kasler reports.

LISTEN: Kasich on faith, government, victims and the death penalty

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The interview started a little rough, with host Chuck Todd introducing Kasich as Ohio’s former governor. 

“I’m not former, I’m still governor,” Kasich said. 

“You’re still governor?” Todd responded.

Kasich was asked about Nebraska’s decision to end capital punishment, and whether Ohio, which has had well-documented problems with executions, should consider that as well. Kasich noted the scarcity of the single drug Ohio plans to use puts the death penalty in a tricky situation. But he says he still supports it. 

“I think it is about justice,” Kasich said. “And I think it’s consistent with my faith. If I didn’t, I’d have to exorcise it. But look, at the end of the day, I’m also a secular official, right? I’m also the governor.”

And Kasich said for him, it’s also about grieving families getting closure.

Watch the full interview here

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