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Sen. Portman hopes for reversal of Title I changes in conference committee
He says the shift to rural states penalizes those who value education

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M.L. Schultze
Ohio's Sen. Rob Portman says he's hoping for more Title I changes in conference committee.
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Ohio’s Republican Sen. Rob Portman says he’s hoping there’s still time to reverse changes in the funding formula for some $14 billion in federal aid for early intervention and remedial instruction for poor children. WKSU’s M.L. Schultze has more.

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The federal Title I funding is now weighted toward state, like Ohio, with large populations that spend a lot on education. But an amendment Portman and most Democrats fought in the Senate last week shifts more of that to rural states. 

“My problem with the formula from the philosophical point of view is it treally sends the wrong message. It tells states like Ohio that tend to invest more in our young people for education that you’re going to be penalized for that.

Portman says opponents were able to push some changes in the amendment, including delaying the alteration in the formula until Title I funding grows by another $2.5 billion, which he estimates will happen in five to 10 years.

But he’s hoping to see more immediate changes as the House and Senate work out differences in their education bills in conference committee.


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