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Cleveland State plans to eliminate programs and majors
Reductions will be reported to the state in November and December

Mark Urycki
Cleveland State, like other Ohio universities, is studying programs to eliminate.
Courtesy of Cleveland State University
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Cleveland State University has almost two-dozen programs under review for possible elimination. It started as an internal review by the school but it’s also part of a new mandate by legislators in Columbus. StateImpact Ohio’s Mark Urycki reports.

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Cleveland State was already conducting a review of its programs when state lawmakers passed H.B. 64 this summer that demands they review every major and every course. For Cleveland State that’s 3,300 classes this semester. The school’s provost says 15 programs have been cut and eight are going through the lengthy process of being suspended.  Another 143 others will be kept. 

School President Ron Berkman says profitability was not part of the decision.

“We want students to be in majors in which there’s a reasonable chance that they’ll be able to realize their career goals.”

Gov. John Kasich and state legislators are demanding cheaper college costs and asking state schools to collaborate with each other and drop programs if necessary. Berkman says reducing programs doesn’t mean shrinking. 

 “There’s hardly ever a program that closes in a university so we have programs with traditionally low interest by students and those are the programs that are being eliminated.”

Among programs cut are sociology and multimedia advertising. The school will report its reductions to state officials in November and December. 

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