Online survey conducted by professors\' union finds staff have little confidence in direction the university is taking" />
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University of Akron faculty express overwhelming dissatisfaction with the administration
Online survey conducted by professors' union finds staff have little confidence in direction the university is taking

Lauren Blue
University of Akron President Scott Scarborough has implemented changes controversial with students, faculty and community members.
Courtesy of University of Akron
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The faculty at the University of Akron is expressing its dissatisfaction with President Scott Scarborough’s leadership and recent administrative changes at the university.

The Akron chapter of the American Association of University Professors conducted an online survey.

It finds three of every four faculty members feel their departments are worse-off than they were a year ago, and they have little confidence in the direction Scarborough and the board of trustees are taking the school. 

John Zipp
, president of the local chapter, says the results show serious problems the university needs to address.

Zipp on faculty morale

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“Morale I think is at historic lows. We had anecdotal evidence of this, what people would be saying to us talking to themselves and so forth. Now we have pretty compelling evidence that it is the case,” Zipp says.  

The University has released a statement from Scarborough saying his administration has worked with faculty and staff to develop strategic plans, and the university is making the difficult changes needed to improve the school and its finances.

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