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Akron voters will decide if the Akron Zoo should sell wine and liquor
The zoo says after-hours events could boost its conservation funds 

Lauren Blue
Alcohol would still not be available for sale during regular hours even if the issues pass.
Courtesy of The Akron Zoo
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The city of Akron is asking voters to decide whether the Akron Zoo should be able to serve liquor and wine during after-hours events and private rentals. Issue 23 on next week's ballot would grant the zoo the permit to sell wine and liquor, and Issue 24 would allow the zoo to sell alcohol on Sundays. The zoo already has a permit for beer.

Spokesman David Barnhard says the ballot issues would generate more revenue for the zoo’s conservation programs.

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“We’ve actually lost bookings. When companies have called and found out we don’t have the ability to offer wine and liquor, they have rented facilities elsewhere,” Barnhard says. 

Barnhard says the Akron Zoo is the only zoo in Ohio unable to sell wine and liquor in the evenings.Beer, wine and liquor would not be available for sale during regular hours if the issues pass.  

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