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Getting to the bottom of Hamilton County's election-day problems
County commissioners vow to be ready for next year's presidential election
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A Hamilton County judge on Tuesday ordered the polls there stay open an extra 90 minutes due to voting problems earlier in the day.
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Hamilton County Commissioner Todd Portune is among those calling for an investigation into Tuesday’s election problems. A series of equipment failures led to a judge ordering local polls to stay open an extra 90 minutes. That led to a freeze on the release of election results statewide.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman was worried some people were unable to vote because of software glitches and confusion among poll workers. Portune says an independent, bipartisan review of the election system is needed.

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“While it’s our responsibility to correct, we need to make sure that we can answer to the state and to the nation that Hamilton County --which will be a battleground if not the battleground county in the presidential election next year -- that we don’t have any problems at all in how this election is conducted.”

Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartmann says the board of elections is conducting an investigation, but an independent review is critical.

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