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A new study shows the geography of student debt and delinquencies in the U.S.
Nationally, student-loan debt averages more than $1 trillion

Michael Bratton
Vaghul says student debt hinders students from gaining wealth, buying homes, and getting married.
Courtesy of Kavya Vaghul, Twitter
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A new study by the Washington Center for Equitable Growth shows student loan debt and delinquency rates vary greatly in the U.S.

The study breaks down average student loan balances and delinquency rates by zip code.

In Cleveland, the average student loan balance ranges from “moderately low” to “average.” The average delinquency rate, however, ranges from “somewhat high” to “very high.”

Research Analyst Kavya Vaghul says the study shows that today’s student debt is pervasive.

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“Having a higher loan balance, and kind of its relationship with median income, doesn’t mean that more loans need to be taken out and more school needs to be attended in order to have higher incomes later in life," said Vaghul. "Studies actually show us that as borrowers age [the] servicing of their student loans really hinders their ability to accumulate wealth.”

Nationally, student loan debt averages more than $1 trillion. You can find a link to the study’s interactive map by clicking here.

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