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Teen blogger explores emotional endings with 'Last Message Recieved'
At age 15, Emily Trunko has two book deals and 50,000 followers transfixed by her blog of poignant finalities

Reporter / Host
Jeff St. Clair
Emily Trunko is a 15 year-old blogger from Copley, Ohio. Her two Tumblr sites, DearMyBlank and LastMessageRecieved will appear in book form next year published by Random House.
Courtesy of JEFF ST.CLAIR
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Emily Trunko of Copley is a typical teen in many ways.  She has a boyfriend, keeps a journal, and talks with her friends about boys and other things. 

But she also has two book deals, was featured in the New York Times last week, and has more than 50,000 followers to her blog Last Message Received.

It’s a collection of the final words – mostly texts - between two people who never speak again.

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Before she launched 'Last Message Received' in November, Trunko posted people’s unsent messages in her Tumblr blog DearMyBlank, started this spring.

That project quickly gained thousands of followers who read missives from people never meaning to send them, but compelled to share.  Her blogs fill a human need to share private musings says Trunko, “people need to get it off their hands, get it out there and not deal with it anymore.”

The submissions to 'Last Message Received' fall into two categories, last messages from failed relationships, and the final words of someone who passed away.

Trunko says her immersion in the last words of failed relationships has not tainted her feelings on the subject, but she says it has made her more cautious in what she says to loved ones.


It’s incredibly sad material. But Trunko says people like to read about others most poignant moments, “because you can find something that resonates with you somehow – everyone can.”

Her blog first caught the attention of Buzzfeed, then, as her subscriber base exploded, in recent weeks the New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, and Cosmopolitan have spread the message about LastMessageRecieved.

Trunko landed a book deal this week with Random House which will publish book versions of both blogs late next year.

It’s clear we haven’t heard the last words from this talented teen.

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