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Former state treasurer denies taking kickbacks
Boyce says FBI already investigated and found nothing
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Andy Chow
State Rep. Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus) sits in his living room in northeast Columbus to answer questions.
Courtesy of Andy Chow
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A state representative from Columbus is speaking out about a federal investigation alleging he was involved in pay-to-play during his time as state treasurer. Statehouse correspondent Andy Chow reports.

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While sitting with a handful of reporters in his northeast Columbus home, former state treasurer Kevin Boyce adamantly denied being in a meeting where a company was told it had to donate to his campaign in order to win a state contract.

Those are the accusations made in a Securities and Exchange Commission report. The SEC fined a Boston-area financial services company for the role it played in a kickback scheme involving Boyce’ former deputy, Amer Ahmad.

“Had I been in that kind of meeting, not only would I have shut that down immediately, but Amer would’ve been fired. And it’s that simple.”

Boyce, who’s running for Franklin County commissioner, says the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s Office already ran an investigation and found nothing.


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